Your roadmap to digital transformation starts here

The digitization it is not an option for the vast majority of companies of all types and sizes. It may or may not be addressed, but organizations that don’t will almost certainly be locked out of the market. For this reason, among others of considerable relevance (greater productivity, cost savings, etc.), if you do not … Read more

Five areas of action to achieve a more resilient organization

Resilience, that ability to overcome difficult or extremely changing circumstances, is an increasingly necessary value in companies. A more resilient organization is one that can weather crises in a more solvent way, adapt faster to market changes or remain competitive in the long term. In a context in which, without having yet fully come out … Read more

Stock control to reduce unknown loss

Sometimes the theoretical inventory that is carried in accounting does not coincide with the actual inventory. This is generally caused by inventory management errors (although it can be due to other exceptional causes such as theft), so good stock control can help reduce these unknown losses. But stock control offers other results that any warehouse … Read more

Improve the customer experience with an ERP

There are many reasons why a company decides to implement an ERP management system and, frequently, it is a combination of several. The possibility of optimizing financial processes, improving visibility throughout the company or informed decision-making are commonly cited as the reasons behind the decision, among other issues; but the ability of this software to … Read more

Why Teams meetings are better working remotely

In times of hybrid work, the best option to collaborate and meet is Microsoft Teams. An application that, in addition to being included in the Microsoft 365 suite (with tools such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word, among others), has a series of utilities that allow efficient and safe work, keeping everyone productive, even when working … Read more