20 Tips To Bring More Customers To Your Online Store

Bringing more customers to your online store  is one of the most frequent concerns of online entrepreneurs. From ecommerce platforms it is necessary to use some tools or strategies that make consumers realize that we exist and that we are there for them. The most important thing from now on will be to capture the user’s attention and make … Read more

How to Develop New Beneficial Habits

A few months ago my wife bought a piggy bank for our granddaughter. And every week, when she visits her, she deposits her collaboration. My granddaughter loves that they put coins in her piggy bank and that her grandmother visits her. And this is a great example of how to encourage the development of savings habits from … Read more

How to overcome the fear of undertaking

Every small business owner experiences that fear – it’s part of the entrepreneurial package. It’s not surprising when you think about the risks we take, the burdens we shoulder. I left behind a good job, a good salary and all kinds of perks and benefits, and what is no less important, the peace of mind of … Read more

Reviewing The 7 Habits of Stephen Covey

Rereading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits we find that one of the most important skills to master is setting priorities . It is of little use to establish clear deadlines, goals and objectives if you are not able to establish priorities first. Unfortunately, it is precisely in establishing these priorities that we tend to be weakest. We live in quite hectic … Read more

Customer relationship management according to Dynamics 365 BC

Customer relationship management in Dynamics NAV / BC offers support to the sales department, understanding this as the functions of marketing (market research, campaigns, etc.), commercial (agenda, opportunity management, etc.) and customer service. customer (loyalty, after-sales, etc.). Its main value is that it allows to have all the necessary information of contacts and interactions to … Read more

How it became the center of your organization

The history of ERP dates back to the 1960s and, today, it is the main tool for competitive and profitable companies. The enterprise resource planning software (Enterprise Resource Planner) allows you to manage all business processes and have all the information centralized in the same application, thus offering multiple advantages for the company. But how … Read more

Data at the service of people management

Data is the basis on which to obtain quality information in a company and, therefore, is the first step in designing a valid strategy that allows take decisions and implement the necessary changes. They are, in short, the difference between going blind or playing it safe. Its use is increasingly widespread, although it has been … Read more