Why Teams meetings are better working remotely

In times of hybrid work, the best option to collaborate and meet is Microsoft Teams. An application that, in addition to being included in the Microsoft 365 suite (with tools such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word, among others), has a series of utilities that allow efficient and safe work, keeping everyone productive, even when working remotely .

Meetings with Teams are better because they allow connect securely with people, both inside and outside the organization itself. With an email address, you can invite external colleagues and attendees, whether or not they have the apps and without the need to install anything.

What’s more, with Teams you can enable meeting participants to use their phones to join. The option of audio conference It sends a series of instructions automatically so that an attendee, in case of not having internet access, can access the meeting through a telephone. Furthermore, from a mobile phone, dialing the number required to join the session is done automatically, avoiding having to memorize or write down numbers.

With different organization options, you can define roles and permissions for the participants in the online meeting. Thus, in addition to keeping everything under control and being able to carry out a more efficient organization, it is also possible to improve the user experience: creation of waiting rooms before the meeting, options for conducting webinars, recording of the session to review later (or see it if finally someone has not been able to attend), change of presenter, activation of the option to mute attendees, etc.

Meetings with Teams offer the possibility to talk, chat and, of course, make videoconferences. The video option is ideal in more formal meetings, when a face-to-face conversation is more enriching and personal. But in certain situations, this possibility can mislead those summoned. For this reason, the application offers different options to blur the background or use personalized backgrounds that enrich the communication.

Since we enter the question of enriching communication and maximizing the benefits of a remote meeting, Teams meetings allow share content, with all possible options to find the safest and best way. From sharing your entire desktop, to giving the presentation to an attendee, to showing just one app or screen. Since meetings are sometimes held to share, exchange and collaborate; Microsoft Teams integrates the Whiteboard function (digital whiteboard). This functionality is perfect for brainstorming, allowing attendees to contribute easily, being able to save the result for later reference.

What if the conditions for the meeting are not optimal? In remote work, sometimes we cannot guarantee a minimum for the session to develop as it should. Meetings with Teams also have these expected inefficiencies: in addition to device certification to improve video and audio quality; when the background noise is disturbing (for pure comfort, non-native speakers or for the hearing impaired), the live subtitles to read in real time.

For all these reasons, meetings with Teams are better and can boost productivity in a hybrid work scenario. Don’t lose the workflow when you have remote collaborators: connect the team and let them access shared content at any time to learn, plan and innovate together.

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