How to overcome the fear of undertaking

Every small business owner experiences that fear – it’s part of the entrepreneurial package. It’s not surprising when you think about the risks we take, the burdens we shoulder. I left behind a good job, a good salary and all kinds of perks and benefits, and what is no less important, the peace of mind of … Read more

Reviewing The 7 Habits of Stephen Covey

Rereading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits we find that one of the most important skills to master is setting priorities . It is of little use to establish clear deadlines, goals and objectives if you are not able to establish priorities first. Unfortunately, it is precisely in establishing these priorities that we tend to be weakest. We live in quite hectic … Read more

Support the internationalization of your company with an ERP

The possibilities of doing business around the world are wider than ever. It is no longer an area reserved for large companies and, in fact, international expansion is a path increasingly used by SMEs, which in times of uncertainty or recession, has made it possible for many companies to survive. Internationalization represents a competitive improvement … Read more

Different alternatives for online sales in your company

Online sales refer to all kinds of commercial transactions over the internet. Thus, although it is generally used to describe the marketing of products through an online store, there are many alternatives when creating your e-commerce. There are many types of eCommerce, depending on the axis of analysis that we choose. It is usually classified … Read more

Six keys to transform a company effectively

In today’s world marked by change and disruption technology, companies need to generate new opportunities to continue creating value, drive growth and improve efficiency. In this scenario, it is only possible to achieve it by betting on transformation and innovation; that is, reconsidering at all times the creation of value by the organization, now and … Read more

Five areas of action to achieve a more resilient organization

Resilience, that ability to overcome difficult or extremely changing circumstances, is an increasingly necessary value in companies. A more resilient organization is one that can weather crises in a more solvent way, adapt faster to market changes or remain competitive in the long term. In a context in which, without having yet fully come out … Read more