The possibilities of Microsoft Teams and hybrid work

The pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives. As we move towards normality, some of these transformations have been internalized to the point of becoming commonplace. The hybrid work is a good example of this, and business applications, such as workspaces, have been adapting to these increasingly common situations. What is hybrid work With … Read more

Support the internationalization of your company with an ERP

The possibilities of doing business around the world are wider than ever. It is no longer an area reserved for large companies and, in fact, international expansion is a path increasingly used by SMEs, which in times of uncertainty or recession, has made it possible for many companies to survive. Internationalization represents a competitive improvement … Read more

How to make your organization more agile through eCommerce adoption

Since the beginning of the pandemic, organizations have experienced a series of changes – sometimes traumatic – that have transformed them forever. The adoption of eCommerce has been, in many cases, a lifeline in the middle of a totally new situation. Many business models have been directly impacted by the pandemic. In the VUCA environments … Read more

Business transformation in the new normal

The new normality that has been imposed by the socio-sanitary crisis of 2020, from which it seems that we are beginning to emerge little by little, has caused numerous losses and problems for companies. Especially SMEs. But like any crisis, this one also represents a transformation opportunity business: an opportunity to rethink business models and … Read more

Different alternatives for online sales in your company

Online sales refer to all kinds of commercial transactions over the internet. Thus, although it is generally used to describe the marketing of products through an online store, there are many alternatives when creating your e-commerce. There are many types of eCommerce, depending on the axis of analysis that we choose. It is usually classified … Read more

Six keys to transform a company effectively

In today’s world marked by change and disruption technology, companies need to generate new opportunities to continue creating value, drive growth and improve efficiency. In this scenario, it is only possible to achieve it by betting on transformation and innovation; that is, reconsidering at all times the creation of value by the organization, now and … Read more