20 Tips To Bring More Customers To Your Online Store

Bringing more customers to your online store  is one of the most frequent concerns of online entrepreneurs. From ecommerce platforms it is necessary to use some tools or strategies that make consumers realize that we exist and that we are there for them.

The most important thing from now on will be to capture the user’s attention and make our business model known, generate empathy and, above all, position ourselves in the minds of our consumers.

Consider that they are not the same strategies as a conventional business, that you find yourself in an electronic commerce platform which brings you new ways of approaching thousands of people from all over the world.

That is why here we give you tips to encourage the public, to have more traffic on your pages and as a consequence have more potential customers to sell to.

How to Bring More Customers to Your Online Store

Offer something of value

Make your product stand out from the competition, in this way you will make your product something unique that cannot be found elsewhere and naturally you will end up bringing more customers to your online store.

Get personalized attention

The attention or customer service can make the difference between a customer buying again and never coming back, just as it encourages new customers to realize that in that online store the attention is respectful and warm. The opinion they generate will be your cover letter in the digital world.

Make your site as simple as possible

Your website should be as simple as possible , it shouldn’t be overcrowded, and it shouldn’t be full of Flash or Javascript content either, keep it nice and simple. The saturation of color, multimedia content, as well as information will cause your site to be slow, it takes time to load and your potential customers will leave immediately. Eliminate everything that is not necessary, organize yourself and if you have many objects or information, organize them into categories that make sense to the client.

Make the purchase process easy and fast

The purchase process should be as short as possible, simple and without too many steps, the faster it is, the better benefits it will bring to your business.

describe your products

Display clear photos and short, concise descriptions. Show videos of happy customers, publicize the shopping experience of other users, it will favor the site, do not forget to ask them to rate your service.

Have contact information visible

Have the information of where they can locate you, be it a telephone, email, or a social network of your brand, make sure that this information is always visible on the website, if there is any doubt they will access quickly and it will make it easier contacting you.

have a blog

Write about your products, about the quality of your processes, your opinions or also about a topic related to your sector. Writing will help you grow your e-business, credibility, and subject matter expertise over time.

Encourage feedback

That your contents leave something in the reader and cause communication to flow on both sides, answer their questions and let you know what they think of your business, as well as knowing what can be improved.

Encourage referrals to your site

Encourage customers to recommend your business and your products to other people. Give some courtesy for helping you generate a new purchase. You can include a button or a section that helps you do it for greater comfort, but do not forget to reward them.

do link exchange

Do exchange of post collaborations with other websites, they will bring you traffic to the page, this is about give and take, so allow others to also write on your blog or share links. If the content is of quality, they will enrich each other with content and visits.

Have a social media plan

Having a defined plan and goals for social media will change the way you communicate and interact with your customers and make it deeper. Have a clear strategy for each social network of relevant content for your followers. The goal of using social media is to engage with current and potential customers to develop a deeper relationship with your brand.

Pay for digital advertising

Promote your website through the internet with paid ads on search engines with keywords or ads on different web pages. You can also buy advertising on social networks which will allow you to promote and target your ad according to some delimited characteristics of consumers such as age, sex, nationality, according to their interests or according to the geographical area where they live, you choose who you already where do you want to go.

Make regular promotions

Make a promotion strategy which you can apply for a limited time, in which you offer discounts, free shipping, electronic coupons, in order to encourage purchase among consumers.

Reward loyal customers

Reward your distinguished customers, through special offers make them feel exclusive and that you appreciate loyalty to your brand.

Do mailing (e-mail marketing)

Mailing is an effective marketing strategy that consists of sending personalized advertising information directly by email. Give them extra information about products or promotions that might interest them.

Do SEO optimizations

SEO will allow you to position your website in other Internet search engines in a natural way, it will improve the visibility of a website based on a set of actions in which keywords are used to be noticed within the search engine algorithm, it attracts direct traffic to the site by appearing in the first places when users do a search that has to do with your topic, line of business or product.

A good positioning will cause a greater volume of traffic to the website in the long term.

Register your site in directories

Register your site in directories, databases related to your business, which will help different users interested in a topic or product to reach your online store.

Analyze the statistics

Analyze statistics about visits to your website to know where you can improve. You will know where those visits come from, the behavior of the users, as well as the time spent on your site.

Provide unique experiences

In some cases it is beneficial for the company to personalize the products, for example if you sell mugs to have the option to put the name or something extra that makes that mug unique and original, sell products that make your shopping experience unbeatable, that they feel satisfied and want to continue making purchases in your online store.

Create your own mobile application

With a mobile application, your electronic business will be more accessible to your customers, as it will be available 24 hours a day, wherever they are. The user will have a better experience at the time of purchase. Do not hesitate to create a mobile application, as it is one of the most profitable elements.


Having an electronic business does not only consist of having a web page and waiting for customers to arrive on their own, you need to think of strategies that make you notice and little by little you can position yourself in the minds of consumers.

Bringing more customers to your online store should be one of your goals.

Have your objectives very clear about what you want and how far you want to go, create a bond with the client, project your image and achieve the loyalty of your consumers.

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