Customize Business Central to best fit your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a very flexible platform capable of evolving as the business develops and also capable of adapting to all types of companies and sectors. Getting as close to the standard as possible is always recommended, but we must never lose sight of the primary objective of that the ERP adapts to the company to perfection and/or that it reaches its maximum potential. For this reason, the capabilities of Dynamics can be expanded and its options adapted, either by carrying out developments or using other possibilities that allow customize Business Central.

When a specific need is detected, different paths are opened that can be taken (better, always, hand in hand with a partner trusted):

  • Integration of third party solutions.
  • Development with little or no code.
  • Customization / adaptation / development of functionality.

It should not be forgotten that the platform is very powerful, to an extent that is sometimes surprising. Therefore, the first step must be discuss the matter with partner Dynamics. It may be the case that the need can be covered without great dedication. It may also happen that what was considered an organizational need is actually a user preference.

In the latter case, it is possible customize the work area (Role Center) to adapt it to the preferences of each user individually, thus facilitating their daily work and without interfering with what other users can see. For example, direct access to the most used functionalities or a prominent display of the most relevant information. In this sense, features can be enabled / disabled according to the specific profile of each user or, on the other hand, personalizations that have been previously created can be deleted.

But let’s focus on the assumption that it is necessary to customize Business Central to cover an important need for the organization or one of its departments…

Customize Business Central with third-party solutions

In AppSource there is a wide variety of ready to use applications in BusinessCentral. this kind of marketplace of business solutions has free and paid applications that are generally developed by companies that work on Microsoft solutions; but we can also find solutions from home.

Another option to customize Business Central is to go directly to developers or external manufacturers (we insist: preferably with the knowledge and advice of the partner) that, due to their proven experience or specific knowledge, can offer a solution to the needs. In this case, it is possible that said solution does not have a proven integration with the ERP system, so a deep analysis will have to be carried out, before development and the necessary tests (with the consequent investment, necessary time and difficulties).

This is where AppSource offers its main value: the apps available that add functionality or augment the services of Business Central are tested and guaranteed to have passed a prior audit. In addition, the system marketplace It allows evaluations of the users who use each application, so the reviews offer additional information on performance.

Customize Business Central without the need for development (or almost)

Microsoft PowerPlatform It consists of a series of solutions that allow you to create applications without developing code or, on occasions, with small developments within the reach of users with minimal knowledge. Thanks to the use of connectors that are already predefinedtremendously useful customization can be achieved by extending the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Power Apps

It is the solution that allows you to create and share apps from templates and pre-built options, as well as taking advantage of capabilities of different devices. All without writing a single line of code and using the Business Central connection to the application platform.

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Microsoft Power Automate

This solution provides automated workflows that connect to different services. Thus, it is possible to create flows between services ready to use, thanks to a catalog of templates that can be customized later. Through parallel branches, loops and conditional logics, in a very intuitive graphical editor, data from Business Central can be used using the system if this, then that.

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Microsoft Power BI

Although it does not solve all kinds of needs, within Power Platform there is also this data analytics solution, like the previous ones, also useful in self-service or for the company’s systems team. With Power BI, you can create interactive visualizations and business intelligence reports and dashboards with a simple interface and polished user experience. Connect Business Central data and start unpacking valuable information to make better decisions.

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Customize Business Central with new functionality

Business Central enables add or extend the code by experienced developers. Thus, after analysis by the partner, improvements can be made to the platform so that it better adapts to the business or to new needs; although the ideal and most recommended option is that the partner perform these improvements (with your implications analysis, quality assurance, maintenance, training, etc.).

The way of developing Business Central is through the creation of extensions, which allow you to modify objects (pages, tables, etc.). These extensions allow you to create objects or modify existing ones, allowing you to mold functionalities or create new ones.

Whichever path is chosen, it is clear that Business Central is a modern business platform that allows customization and adaptation to meet any requirement. And many of those customizations can be done in a simple way, without the need to develop code. Let IGN help you to fit your ERP like a glove in your business, your company and your sector to achieve the objectives of your organization.

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